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Encosta do Lago

Encosta do Lago is part of Quinta do Lago and is just a few minutes’ walk from the lake and the extensive sandy beaches.

UX/UI Design

Encosta do Lago is a project that involves the creation of a website and respective application for the resort. This process includes the possibility of digitally visiting the resort and its surroundings, such as restaurants, golf and various activities. The website and the application allow you to make online reservations, as well as complete management of your stay.


The website allows you to get to know the Encosta do Lago Resort, such as the apartments, the restaurant, the events taking place and especially the points of interest around the Resort. From the website it is possible to make a complete reservation to stay at the Resort.


The application contains the same information as the website and the possibility of booking included, however it has a scan area dedicated to the user's profile, including personal data, reservation data and information dedicated to the reservation.

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